Home loan Specialist & Consultant in Sydney Australia

Why use Home loans by choice

Home loan Specialist & Consultant in Sydney Australia

At Home loans by choice we do not work for any specific lender or bank, we are completely independent. However we do work closely with each lender to develop professional relationships which enables us to negotiate the best possible rates for each  clients.

We benefit you  by using our inside knowledge of the industry, each of the lender’s interest rates and our relationships which ultimately means – competitive rates and quicker turnaround for you compared to you going through each bank yourself.

What’s better, is that we do all the research and negotiating, and just present you with the results saving you both time and money.

Right advise matters !

At Home Loans by Choice we focus on your needs.

You just decided to buy a new house, renovate, buy an investment property to build your portfolio, want get rid of your car and get a new car for your family or consolidate some of your debts to make one easy repayment or find a bank that offers competitive interest rates.

We got it all , that's why we offer timely services when and as you need. We do all the paperwork, we research thousands of loan options against your needs then follow it through every day till settlement.

We understand your needs and goals and get you into the life you want to live.

We offer access to over 30 Lenders

Which means choice of over hundred lending options. It's our job to source you the best available options and let you pick the one that best suits your needs.


Regular Contact with you

Once your loan application is lodged we contact you regularly to ensure you what stage are you on in your application process  and provide you with updates as it happens.


Simplify lending process

We aim to make you understand your finance needs in the simplest possible manner .We work hard to break down the complex lending structures and transform your lending needs to simplest outcome .

We offer product that suits your requirement and work for you not bank .

Commercial Finance

  • Business Loans
  • Business Expansion
  • Equipment finance
  • Motor Vehicle Finance


Home Loans


Lifestyle Loans

  • Personal Loans
  • Cars / Caravans
  • Motorbike / Jetski
  • Weddings / Rings
  • Holidays
  • Minor  Renovations

The Loan Process

We offer fast and obligation free loan consultations to help you , whether its research ,pre-approval or your current lenders interest rate check .


Keeping It Real

Sometimes you may not be in the right situation to get a loan, no matter how good a local Mortgage Broker we are, and how much we fight, the numbers just aren’t right. What we can promise you is that we will stay by your side and help guide you to a more ideal financial situation.

We care for your dreams and will stay with you until your finance needs are  met.


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I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your team on the excellent work you did in getting us the Home loans. It was an easy experience with your knowledge and competency. I am very impressed with the service and completely satisfied with the professional way you assisted us in getting the finance.


Nambi, NSW

We will send you a personalised RP Data Report based on the suburb / street address selected within 24hrs.

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